Fiber patch cord

We are fiber patch cord supplier in China, we offer custom fiber patch cord with competitive price.

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fiber patch cords

Order information:
Fiber connector 1: FC,ST,SC,LC,MU,MTRJ,SMA,DIN,MPO
Fiber connector 2: FC,ST,SC,LC,MU,MTRJ,SMA,DIN,MPO
Ferrule Interface type:  UPC, APC
Fiber diameter(mm): Φ 0.9, φ 2.0, Φ 3.0
Fiber cores: Simplex fiber core ,duplex fiber core
Fiber type: Singlemode(G. 652, G655), multimode(50/125)/(62.5/125),OM3
Cable length: custom

Fiber patch cords are used for linking the equipment and components ,we have fiber patch cable with different fiber connector types,our low insertion loss and low back reflection .patch cord is widely applied in Telecommunication Networks ,Gigabit Ethernet and Premise Installations .

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